Dreamcast, truly a cult system crawling up that hallowed path only traversed before it by the equally superb Neo Geo AES.

Developers really untapped the system's true potential through an elite range of games, some of which even surfaced after the industry had driven the final nail into the cross. There really are just too many great titles on this system to list them all, whether it be playing a bus driver in 'Tokyo Bus Guide' or playing arcade perfect ports from the Capcom and SNK universe.

It's highly advised that you invest in the official Dreamcast Arcade Stick for fighting games, not surprisingly becoming difficult to acquire.

The Dreamcast can only truly be appreciated in it's native Japanese guise as some great fighting classics, unique genres like Lack of Love and the final 4 shooters Border Down, Ikaruga, Under Defeat and Trigger Heart Exelica were Japan only.

Even though mainstream software support was officially dropped in 2002 the entry of the above four AAA shmups reinforced the faith that DC games will live on longer than even Under Defeat's back cover suggested. Trigger Heart Exelica came along later and was officially commisioned by Sega as yet again the final Dreamcast game.

The trend being followed by Sega seems to mimick SNK with their Neo Geo AES that was one of the longest supported formats in history. Games would appear after a long hiatus and fans would get hyped up right until the final AES cart 'Samurai Shodown 5 Special' rolled off the production line. Sega seem to be following this unorthodox approach and Dreamcast is fast gaining a hardcore reputation.

The homebrew scene has really become active too with shmups 'Last Hope' and 'Dux' making their way onto the system in 2008 and 2009 respectively. These were not officially endorsed titles, as such the view shared among collectors is that they hold no real long-term value and the final officially commisioned game remaining Trigger Heart Exelica.

As the years click by expect to see Zero Gunner 2, Jet Set Radio, the Matching Service range, Radilgy, Sega-Gaga, Rez etc rising in value as collectors become increasingly reluctant in parting with their copies for the simple fact these are some of the greatest games ever made!