Not many of you will remember this sharp piece of kit that came along during the humble days of gaming..

The 'WonderMega RG-M2' was the second incarnation of the Sega/Victor WonderMega, the latter came with a motor operated CD lid that opened and closed to the symphony of neon LEDs positioned around the CD tray.

This model that Games Grail acquired recently is slightly less desirable than the first model for the fact it's missing the above gimmick, although does excel is in the controller department.

A perfect example of the RG-M2 should come complete with an infra-red joypad (pictured above) that also serves as a 2 player hub to daisy-chain an additional wired controller (ala: 3DO)

The M2 systems were only produced by Victor as opposed to the M1 which both Sega and Victor released. Sega's version of the M1 was far rarer as it entered the market later with lower production numbers (estimated 5000) - discontinued within a year due to poor commercial support for the Mega CD format.

A version of the WonderMega RG-M2 was also released in USA by Victor's western outfit JVC..

The 'X-EYE' looked exactly the same as the M2 but lacked infra-red support. As a result it came with a JVC branded 3 button pad reminiscent of the standard Genesis/Mega Drive pack-in. X-EYE inevitably failed due to a high price-point and once again poor support for the Sega CD (Mega CD) format.

The M2 comes with a built in S-Video port for superior picture quality, sadly there's no support for RGB through the incorporated Sega 'Din Type' connector without a modification.

There are also composite connections at the rear that do justice compared to the Mega CD bolt-on units that suffered from noise interference, evident even when using the grounding plate of the Mega CD/Sega CD 1 front loader model.

Build quality of this WonderMega is good and we applaud the ability to turn the console on and off by holding the function button and hitting the corresponding key on the wireless joypad.

Overall the WonderMega RG-M2 is a nice piece of kit, providing you can acquire one at a reasonable price.