Feature: DOSHIN THE GIANT 2 (N64 64 DD)

Now, if I said to you "Name me a few gaming grails?" - Somewhere in your answer Taromaru, Burning Rangers R2, Final Fight Tough, Border Down, Kizuna Encounter (euro) or one of the Nintendo Competition Carts would surely be mentioned..

Yet, how many of you would say 'Doshin the Giant 2' for Nintendo's ill-fated 64DD add-on?

PK Taromaru for it's ability to demand silly sums of money should prepare to stand aside! - The 7500 print run of Taromaru is no match for the meagre 3000 of Doshin the Giant 2 which launched shortly after Nintendo suspended the 64DD RandNet service in Japan.

The 64DD hardware is hard enough to acquire at any rate, being that it was long overdue and more of an online guinea-pig project of Nintendo's to assist future R&D. Reportedly 85.000 unsold 64DD units were scrapped even after the hardware was made available for retail outside of the initial online subscription configuration. Approximately 15.000 64DD exist, although there were reports that Nintendo bought back alot of the hardware when the Randnet service was disbanded, so this figure may be considerably less!

Now that little history lesson is over, this obscure god style game is known to fetch in the region of $300~$600, with most sales settled privately. Doshin the Giant 2 - More than a Giant (translated from Japanese) requires the first 64DD Doshin the Giant game to work, also largely unplayable without a keen grasp of Japanese, or zen like patience.

Rest assured that Games Grail has this majesty under lock and key, well that is unless someone comes up with the king's ransom?!