Revenge is a dish best served cold, which is exactly what Final Fight Revenge on the Saturn is.. Cold!

As the game features no storyline to follow, a loose translation from the game manual leads us to believe that Mad Gear has assembled once again to form an uprising with Cody framed by the corrupt cop Edi-E - meaning all this revenge business falls somewhere between the events of Final Fight and Street Fighter Zero 3, upon which Cody escaped prison.

FFR is a Street Fighter EX rip-off that lacks Capcom's usual nitro and charm. I'm convinced they produced this one rainy afternoon after finishing up on Street Fighter EX3 for Playstation 2.
As you've probably guessed? - this game doesn't deserve a formal review, so I'll press on with why it still deserves to make your Saturn collection..

FFR has an approximate production run of 15.000, with speculation that only 5000 pcs were produced of the compulsory 4M RAM cart version, naturally making the latter far more collectable.

This was also the last game produced for the system in 2000 and quite affordably available up until 2005 when importers realised the limited numbers and began to horde the available inventory.

A reputable importer in the UK also had sealed copies of the game stocked for around £50.00/$100~120.00 up until 2005 but it went largely unnoticed for years, both on their website and instore, until the hysteria mentioned above started.

FFR isn't an awful game by any stretch of the imagination. There are moments when you see Capcom's signature style shine through with interesting backgrounds and moves.

It's a shame they didn't touch it up from the ST-V version that made it's debut a year earlier.
A perfect example of an area that could have been improved are the 3D rendered character models - Damnd from FF1 just looks a polygon mess!

Backing sound is okay and speech is fairly cheesy as one expects from Capcom. It would have been nice to have seen Q-Sound used in this game. Overall this is a mediocre 32bit sound-stage.

Back to why you should be buying this?!..

Simply put, this is fast becoming a games grail on the Saturn as copies rarely surface on the web, indicating the actual production run may have been considerably less than initially thought.
Definately one for a collector's cabinet, right up there with Taromaru, although hold out for the RAM cart box-set (if one surfaces) before taking the leap.